Backwater Valves

Having your sewage backup or flooding is not a good thing. With the risk of this happening, it can cause many issues during flood season. You don’t want to see flooding in your home ever. If you ever have your sewage backed up or flooded, it is going to be hard to prevent from happening again or protecting your home after.  Get youself a backwater valve from Markham Plumbing.

What is a Backwater Valve

A backwater valve is a backflow prevention device used to prevent outbound water through a dwelling’s drain pipes from re-entering — “back flowing”—into a home. The valve contains a flap that allows water to exit the home but closes to prevent the back flow into the home.

How Does It Work?

You are thinking how does the backwater valve. We will tell you how this work. This is an important piece for plumbing because it is very powerful, but also it is simple. The backwater valve allows you to shut off access to the main sewer, so that water, waste and more won’t be able to back up your sewer system.

Once the valve is shut off, then the water in the sewage won’t be able to enter your home. This is because it needs to get into main sewer line, which is doesn’t have access because of the valve. In addition, the wastewater that will drain to the main sewer line is disabled , which means it will not be filled up then.

Pipes for backwater valve

Get a Backwater Valve for Your Home

Anything can happen to your home including storms, disasters etc. This means that floods can come in your home. If you want to be safe and a smart homeowner, take precaution by call Markham Plumbing to yourself a backwater valve today. Our experts will be make sure it is properly installed. They have the knowledge, tools and techniques to get it done for you.  It is easy to install and maintain. The process of installing it will take about one appointment.  

Our team will also do maintenance for your backwater valve, just to make sure nothing bad will happen. At Markham Plumbing, we always do everything in detail including inspections, cleaning, and unclogging.  With this, we will guarantee that your sewer lines will not build up with wastewater and no damage to you and your home.


Contact Markham Plumbing today to get your Backwater Valve. Call us anytime as we are available  24/7