Water Line Repair

Homeowners need to have proper water because they need water for their daily routine. It includes showering, drinking, cooking etc. Every household should have suitable clean water. If you have water that is in discoloration, then it is a problem with your water line. A water line is where your water comes to your home through a pipe that is from a water tower.  Other things can you tell that there is an issue with your water line is a drop in the water pressure or a constant wet spot on your yard. Markham Plumbing can check out your water line and check out what the issue is and do a water line repair.

What is Wrong With My Waterline?

There are many reasons why your water line can be damaged. Our team of experts goes in a detailed check to make sure that it is causing your water issues. One of the reasons is that pipes over the years can be rusty, which can cause corrosion. This is not good with the water because the pipe can burst to cause a leak with the pressure changes. Also, when the water touches metal with corrosion, it can cause issues with your water.

Other reasons can be weather can change the pipe like frozen pipes, which we offer that service. Plant roots can cause issues by making their way to the pipeline since the water line pipe is underground. 

There are the effects of a damaged waterline:

  • Less water pressure through building
  • Discoloration in water
  • Water flooding
  • Causing clogging
Water Line Repair

Trenchless Water Repair

If we have to replace or repair your water line, then we can use a trenchless water repair technique. Modern plumbers these days use this technique for water line repair. This is so effective because it can save you money and time. With trenchless water repair, we use a camera inspection, where it will go into the pipe to check the damage more closely to check what was causing the damage. This helps because it is effective to use without damaging your property. 

After we have found the damage and what was causing the issue, then we can start the repairs. We make sure that it is done as fast as possible.  With the repairs, it won’t create a mess as we use a method that won’t cause any damage.

Here is what we do:

  1. Dig up whole after ends of the damaged length of the pipe
  2. Put in a pipe cutting head where it puts the new length of the pipe behind it. 

This can be done under a day where it will cause you less headache.

Water Repair Line Pipe

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